I Can’t Change the World, But I Can Change a Part of It

Finally! I had some time spared to write. I haven’t been able to write lately because I was juggling so many things all at once. However, now as the holidays are approaching, I can reflect and write a little more.

With so many news about wars and so-called “wars”, political wins and losses, victories and defeats, opinions being thrown here and there online and offline (but mostly online, ha!), I realized something–that nobody can fully change the world.

And it’s all good! Perhaps you’re wondering why. It’s good because we can be more motivated to set a more realistic goal for ourselves. In our lives we have our own sphere of influence. These are people within our community that we can help, provide for or give other services to. This is our mission field and God called us in it. Now, some are called to step out to other parts of the world, but that’s a specific gift. For others, it is good to know that we cannot fully change the world, but we can change a part of it.

When Thomas Edison invented electrical lighting, it made an unforgettable mark in history. The day didn’t end when the sun set, and people can be productive even during the night. Now, it didn’t stop wars, solve world hunger or promote world peace–but it did make a difference.

And it made me think that even the most brilliant of minds cannot solve all of the world’s problems, then there must be a reason for that. Perhaps it is for us to understand that we are finite beings and that we all need each other to build a better world. That we need to trust each other that one is doing his or her best despite our doubts. That perhaps even working together, we still need to have faith in God who is sovereign over all.

I was given the privilege of having an outreach with my group for men and women with disabilities last week and I could say that despite 2016 being a crazy year for me, it is one of the best highlights. It made me realize that I can’t change the world entirely, but I can make “kuyas” and “ates” happy and remember God on that day. And that is one change that is worth every effort.

So I hope this season of giving and onwards, we remember that we have our own spheres to influence. So I hope and pray that I see that change in me and in others–that instead of complaining about what we (and others) cannot experience in this world, we become what we want the world to be one person at a time.

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