Meal Prep Sundays: Lose Weight, Save Time and Money!

Meal Prep Sunday August 20, 2017

Welcome to my weekly meal prep post! This is my first post about meal prep so I decided to give a background about meal prepping and why some people do it. Recently I have decided to cook healthy and in portioned sizes for me and my husband. I have been thinking about doing this sometime back when I was in the Philippines but I just didn’t have time as I was busy with all my preparations on migrating here. However, here in the US where I am more blessed with time (yay!) I am able to carve out around 1-2 hours once a week to make meals from scratch that is portion controlled, healthy and not overly meat-y or sugar-y!

Why meal prep?

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Meal prep is a way for you to save time and money instead of cooking everyday. It saves time because you only need to set aside a couple of hours a week for your meals. As for me, I only prepare dinners. Some people do from breakfast to dinner, but I only make the ones for dinner because my husband and I are usually on the go during breakfast and lunch. However, dinners are always special for us because it’s the time we eat together. Not only that! Meal prep has helped me maintain my weight without restricting my options too much! I don’t do vegan, dairy-free or meat free. I eat whatever I want on the weekends. I love pizza, chocolates, chips, and ice cream! I am 5 2″ at 102 lbs and I am just keeping that through the way I prepare my meals.

I will try my best to post weekly inspiration recipes, two to three recipes per post that you can swap for either lunch or dinner, whichever you prefer. My procedure won’t be too specific or complicated, because who reads those anyway? We just want to get the whole idea here and you can tweak it whatever way you want, according to your lifestyle. So let’s get cooking!

White Sauce Pasta and Breaded Chicken Popcorn


Boil pasta with oil and salt until al dente. You can choose any kind. I picked penne. While pasta is boiling, bread the chicken using the flour-egg-panko with parmesan cheese breading. Fry lightly on another pan with minimal oil, seeing that both sides are golden brown. Drain pasta and start on the sauce. Put 2 cups milk and chopped mushrooms in the pan, and a little butter for flavor. Add salt and pepper to taste. Wait to boil, then add cornstarch or flour mixed with a 2 Tbsp water for the sauce to thicken. When you see that the sauce is quite thick, add spinach. This is optional though. You can mix it with the pasta right away or later on.

Turkey Chili and Quinoa Salad


Stir fry 2 servings of ground turkey on salt, pepper and minced garlic/garlic powder. When it is no longer mushy, add 1 small can of tomato sauce. Let sauce simmer, then add 1 can of cooked black beans. Add spices such as chili flakes, red pepper or paprika for an extra “chili” boost. Let simmer again. While it simmers, boil quinoa and drain when cooked. Add a little ketchup, soy sauce and pepper to taste, and mix well. Also add chopped greens if preferred.

Buttered Shrimp and Seasoned Vegetables


Sautee skinless shrimp, butter, minced garlic, salt and pepper to taste. Add mushrooms if preferred. Shrimp is cooked when it turns to an orangey-pink. While stir frying, blanch in water the cut broccoli and baby carrots on a separate pot. Drain the veggies and put desired seasonings. Add butter if you want, but it’s additional calories too! Haha!

I hope you like these recipe ideas and combinations! I will try my best to post new ones when I can. Feel free to leave comments or questions!

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