Milk to my Cookie Travel Mug


Milk to my Cookie Travel Mug

This is a picture of a milk and cookie couple in a cute cartoon style, with the text “You’re the milk to my cookie”. Show your loved ones how great of a match you are through this product. Milk and cookies always are good together!

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Only Love by Martin Luther King Jr


Only Love by Martin Luther King T Shirt

This is a portrait of Martin Luther King Jr. with his famous quote which says “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” This is very timely design if you are fighting for a cause.

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Love is in the Bear Sweat Shirt

Love is in the Bear Swear Shirt

This is a cartoon of a teddy bear with the text “Love is in the bear”. You can truly feel that love is in the air with a cuddly and warm bear hug. Perfect gift for your loved one.

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I Came for the Chocolates Long Sleeve T-Shirt


I Came for the Chocolates Long Sleeve T-shirt

This is a picture of a chocolatey text which says “I came for the chocolates”. If you’re anti valentines day or if you’re just a plain chocolate lover then this design is for you.

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Warning: Serial Midnight Snacker Pajamas


Warning: Serial Midnight Snacker Pajamas
Warning: Serial Midnight Snacker Pajamas
Warning: Serial Midnight Snacker Design
Warning: Serial Midnight Snacker Design

This is a picture of a man going to the refrigirator during midnight and looking for a snack with the text: “Warning: Serial Midnight Snacker”. If you know someone who just really love looking for a snack especially during wee hours of the night, then this is the perfect gift for him or her.

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Star Wars Mens’ Star Wars Pajamas Size X Large

  • Mens Star Wars Pjs.
  • A comfy pajama set every fan of The Alliance will love in their wardrobe.
  • With a short sleeved top with contrasting sleeves and a large print of the Star Wars logo against a black background.
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Ready to be a Loser Tank Top

Ready to be a Loser
Ready to be a Loser Tank top
Ready to be a Loser
Ready to be a Loser Design

This is a picture of a body transformation which is quite pun-intended with the text “ready to be a loser”. If you know someone who is committed in working out, dieting, or simply attempting to lose weight then this is the product for him or her.

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I Can’t Change the World, But I Can Change a Part of It

Finally! I had some time spared to write. I haven’t been able to write lately because I was juggling so many things all at once. However, now as the holidays are approaching, I can reflect and write a little more.

With so many news about wars and so-called “wars”, political wins and losses, victories and defeats, opinions being thrown here and there online and offline (but mostly online, ha!), I realized something–that nobody can fully change the world.

And it’s all good! Perhaps you’re wondering why. It’s good because we can be more motivated to set a more realistic goal for ourselves. In our lives we have our own sphere of influence. These are people within our community that we can help, provide for or give other services to. This is our mission field and God called us in it. Now, some are called to step out to other parts of the world, but that’s a specific gift. For others, it is good to know that we cannot fully change the world, but we can change a part of it.

When Thomas Edison invented electrical lighting, it made an unforgettable mark in history. The day didn’t end when the sun set, and people can be productive even during the night. Now, it didn’t stop wars, solve world hunger or promote world peace–but it did make a difference.

And it made me think that even the most brilliant of minds cannot solve all of the world’s problems, then there must be a reason for that. Perhaps it is for us to understand that we are finite beings and that we all need each other to build a better world. That we need to trust each other that one is doing his or her best despite our doubts. That perhaps even working together, we still need to have faith in God who is sovereign over all.

I was given the privilege of having an outreach with my group for men and women with disabilities last week and I could say that despite 2016 being a crazy year for me, it is one of the best highlights. It made me realize that I can’t change the world entirely, but I can make “kuyas” and “ates” happy and remember God on that day. And that is one change that is worth every effort.

So I hope this season of giving and onwards, we remember that we have our own spheres to influence. So I hope and pray that I see that change in me and in others–that instead of complaining about what we (and others) cannot experience in this world, we become what we want the world to be one person at a time.

Red Flags Vs. Green Flags

Red Flag vs. Green Flag

One of the things during the day that make me smile (aside from my student’s progress), is looking at my engagement ring around my finger. It isn’t mainly because pretty to look at (though for me it really is), but it gives me a reminder that I made major decision in my life that I am completely sure. Four months into our engagement was fun, exciting and you could say a little bit crazy.


As I was thinking about the things that made me sure about Charles and reminding myself of my friends’ questions about my readiness for marriage and what made me sure that he is “the One”, I won’t give a cliche answer of “You just know.” Though at some extent I would believe that to be true, but that little statement “You just know” for me is comprised of green flags interconnected to lead me to my final answer. And so, to help others, I have come up with some of my major red flags and green flags in a relationship that may be helpful for ladies to arrive to a sound decision.


GREEN FLAG # 1 : You share the common core values

For me, faith was a big issue. It was important for me that my future husband shares the same beliefs, but not only that, it is important for me to be led in that area too. Men are called to be spiritual leaders of the household, and to spearhead the course of your relationship. I am always humbled and thankful that I have found a man who isn’t just in the same faith, but also someone who I know can lead me in that aspect. It is important to take note of other core values such as if you want to have kids, parenting style, finances, and other major values that might come into play.

RED FLAG # 1 : You argue with major core values

If faith is of importance to you, then do know that a spiritually weak man cannot lead you and you will end up leading him or be disappointed in what he cannot do. If he doesn’t want kids and you want to have one, if he has a different spending style with yours and he is unwilling to compromise, then it may be a red flag.


GREEN FLAG # 2 : He treats you with utmost respect

He acknowledges your opinion, he doesn’t belittle you with his words. He supports your dreams and listens to you even at your worst moments. I am admittedly a very emotional person. Sometimes, even the little things such as difficulty from work or a bad traffic situation can upset me. I am happy that Charles tirelessly listens to my rants and never uses words to bring me down disregard how I feel. He is honest when he needs to be, but he is gentle.

RED FLAG # 2: He is disrespectful

If he uses words for the sole purpose of mocking you in a bad way, bringing you down or to insult who you are, watch out! It is a red flag. If you’re asking for an apology and he doesn’t acknowledge that it was a mistake to show you disrespect, you really have to think twice about your relationship. He can also be disrespectful not just with you, but you can observe this with how he treats other women in his family.


GREEN FLAG # 3: Communicating with him is easy

Communication is the water that keeps your relationship blooming and alive. I can say that I was sure with Charles because I have observed how we communicate to one another. We talk easy, our humor matches up with each other, I can voice out my opinions without feeling judged, I can be transparent without feeling fear. I can talk about anything with him under the sun. He also makes it a point to talk to me whenever he can.

RED FLAG # 3: Talking to him feels like a chore

One of the things that I’ve been to is having a relationship that has very minimal communication. Because of this, we grew apart and I started to know him less and less. My friends and family also observed that our conversation was a bit “forced”, they somehow felt that I was trying too hard to match myself with his personality. We weren’t seeing eye to eye on a lot of our verbal and non-verbal communication. You also have to take note of this because when all the romance fades, you should remain friends with your future partner. Make sure that your partner can be your best friend.


GREEN FLAG # 4: He gets along with your friends and family

He doesn’t have to be ultra chummy with your brother or know a lot about your mom, dad or sister, but you can sense some positive vibes between them. See if your family and friends like him for you. When you invite him for a meal with your family, you can observe how he gets along with them. Charles gets along well with all my friends and family. I guess it helped that he is quite easygoing with people that’s why people can be comfortable around him, but as a general note, if he gets along well, then this is a good sign.

RED FLAG # 4: Your friends and family doesn’t approve of him

There are some exceptions to the rule, but if I go by general observations, you would see if he’s right for you when your friends and family are happy to see you together. When people feel blessed about your relationship, when they see you happy with him, they approve of it. But when they see that you’re always depressed, problematic, they will not turn a blind eye on the relationship like most of us do when we are still holding on.

These are some of my own red and green flags, but I’d like you to take it with a grain of salt. Ultimately, pray that God will lead you to make a right decision when it comes to a future spouse because making a choice about it can completely change your life, for the better or worse. God is sovereign and He desires for you to allow Him to lead you to His best.

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Carpe Diem BF Homes: Bang For the Buck Food and Drinks!

So I was out to have a car wash one Saturday evening and I was with Sam, and saw that one of the cafes that ring a bell on our ears (Care Diem) was just around the vicinity. We decided to give it a try! A lot of people we know are raving about this cafe so why not?

but first, a selfie! hahaha 🙂

The staff was very accommodating when we went in. She was presenting the things available in their menu as well as their best sellers. When I looked around as I was deciding on what to order, some people seemed to be quite comfy in the area, sitting around the edge couches and doing school work or just hanging out with friends. I wanted something fairly light that can be shared with Sam so after much deliberation we decided to have these (prices range from 150-300 pesos):


Fish and chips – much larger than how it looks like in the picture! The fish was crisp and freshly breaded, fries just right, and the sauce was delectable! There’s also a veggie side in case you feel queasy from too much fried-ness. This one is really good.


Seafood pasta – I honestly forgot the name! But it was good as it was garlicky, cheesy and had my favorite of all-seafood! I just love seafood on pasta or pizza or even just by themselves. It tasted fresh and the spaghetti was al dente and on point.


Chocolate lava cake – the plating of this one is super creative, cute and totally unexpected. It was themed like a mini-garden with small shovels as spoons. It was totally instagram-worthy. And also, the taste did not disappoint! The lava cake was perfectly warm, moist and chocolate-y, and the ice cream’s coolness was there to balance it out. I would honestly have this dessert again for second round if it weren’t for the calories. Haha!

I love everything we had in Carpe Diem and we will definitely be back! Thank you for the amazing gastronomic experience. We totally “siezed the day” 🙂

Carpe Diem

153 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque

It’s Not an Easy Job, But It’s Worth It

I sometimes wonder if anybody else outside my profession understand the true extent when I say that being a speech therapist is a physically and mentally demanding job. I frown at people who might think that my job is easy or I just play with kids, because that simply isn’t true.


Since it’s a job that focuses on treatment, parents come to us and ask for assistance to help solve a concern that they see in their child. While the concern is common for all when they come to us, which is, to help them communicate better, each child is unique. They have different temperaments, skills and interests and we always have to find various ways on how to teach them better in every season of growth. I have to think of each and every one of them and how to help them in their own unique path of learning.


There are days where I wish it would be over soon–days of meltdowns, pinches, bites, crying or unruly behavior–not because it was tiring, but because I felt like I lost. I lost because my student didn’t like what we did for today, or his meltdowns won over his opportunity to be taught. This, however, isn’t mindset I should have. I should remind myself every day that it isn’t about winning and losing each session, but about how much heart and mind I put into my work.

Those days are meant not only to teach my students but also to teach me. To teach me not just patience but persistence, not to see the “what’s wrongs” but to see more of “who is this for” and “why I am here”.


Because, after those days are over, the brighter days will come. The first sound, first word, first sentence and the first intent to communicate will always be a source of fascination to me, and is worth every tired throat, every aching back, or an exhausted mind at the end of the day.

Lately I have been receiving messages from parents that their students did well on the first grading. It puts a smile on my face (and my heart) that their moms and dads see our contributions as a part of their child’s success. It reminds me that I am making a difference one session at a time, and it reminds me that all my students are worth it.