Milk to my Cookie Travel Mug


Milk to my Cookie Travel Mug

This is a picture of a milk and cookie couple in a cute cartoon style, with the text “You’re the milk to my cookie”. Show your loved ones how great of a match you are through this product. Milk and cookies always are good together!

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Only Love by Martin Luther King Jr


Only Love by Martin Luther King T Shirt

This is a portrait of Martin Luther King Jr. with his famous quote which says “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” This is very timely design if you are fighting for a cause.

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Love is in the Bear Sweat Shirt

Love is in the Bear Swear Shirt

This is a cartoon of a teddy bear with the text “Love is in the bear”. You can truly feel that love is in the air with a cuddly and warm bear hug. Perfect gift for your loved one.

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I Came for the Chocolates Long Sleeve T-Shirt


I Came for the Chocolates Long Sleeve T-shirt

This is a picture of a chocolatey text which says “I came for the chocolates”. If you’re anti valentines day or if you’re just a plain chocolate lover then this design is for you.

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Warning: Serial Midnight Snacker Pajamas


Warning: Serial Midnight Snacker Pajamas
Warning: Serial Midnight Snacker Pajamas
Warning: Serial Midnight Snacker Design
Warning: Serial Midnight Snacker Design

This is a picture of a man going to the refrigirator during midnight and looking for a snack with the text: “Warning: Serial Midnight Snacker”. If you know someone who just really love looking for a snack especially during wee hours of the night, then this is the perfect gift for him or her.

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Star Wars Mens’ Star Wars Pajamas Size X Large

  • Mens Star Wars Pjs.
  • A comfy pajama set every fan of The Alliance will love in their wardrobe.
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Ready to be a Loser Tank Top

Ready to be a Loser
Ready to be a Loser Tank top
Ready to be a Loser
Ready to be a Loser Design

This is a picture of a body transformation which is quite pun-intended with the text “ready to be a loser”. If you know someone who is committed in working out, dieting, or simply attempting to lose weight then this is the product for him or her.

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25 Fulfilling Things I Was Able to Do Before 25

25 Fulfilling Things I Did Before I Turned 25

I guess being 25 is a pivotal point in most people’s lives. I could say that I am very much fulfilled with the things I did before I turned 25, not because of my own efforts, but through God’s grace and provision in my life. Looking in retrospect, every accomplishment was sweet, and every failure was a pavement that always leads me to His purpose. It’s not always an easy journey but I could see God’s hand continuously working in my life from past to the present. With that, I can be confident that I can face the future because He is with me. Here are 25 things I did that fulfilled me before I turned 25.

1. Traveled on a plane


There’s something with being thousands of feet up in the air. I realize my smallness compared to the vastness of His creation.

2. Had a steady job


I am blessed to have a job that not only helps other people but compensates well. Four years in my practice aren’t all sunny days but it sure was worth it.

3. Gave back to my family



Whether it’s treating them for a meal or a vacation, there’s such joy in seeing them happy because you returned the sacrifices they made for you.

4. Volunteered for others


One of the greatest feelings is helping others without asking for anything in return. You know that their gratefulness is genuine, and it’s good to know that you can do your own little part in making this world a better place.

5. Bought something for myself

The first thing that I bought for myself is a canon point and shoot camera, back when phones did not have too much photo-taking technology. Knowing that I did not depend on anyone to buy something is such a rewarding thought.

6. Participated and eventually led a cell group


Trust me, it isn’t in my comfort zone to lead a cell group but I knew I needed fellowship, insight and accountability in my life. It was a good journey with my girls so far.

7. Participated in a retreat


One of the events that God used as an instrument for me to grow in my walk was joining retreats during high school and college. It was such a fun experience one of the things I won’t ever forget.

8. Cultivated my friendships


I used to be an aloof person who focused too much on my hobbies and how to earn money. But I realized that the things that are most important in life are the relationships you build. That’s how people will remember you.

9. Played an instrument

I learned to play guitar when I was in high school. Although I am not as good as other players, I am happy to learn a self-taught skill that I enjoyed doing.

10. Sought a new hobby


December last year I bought an oven and I got excited to learn how to bake. I am still a beginner but it gives me happiness when I can make something that others can enjoy.

11. Went to a foreign land


I have been to two countries outside Philippines, one is Singapore and the other one is Macau. It is such an ethereal feeling to witness again how every person and every culture is different. I get to learn how people are outside my comfort zone. I want to do more of this as I go through my life.

12. Committed to a godly man


I prayed every day for a godly man to come into my life prior to meeting Charles. God has been gracious because not only was he a Christian, he is one who is passionate with loving and serving God. I am thoroughly proud and blessed to have him and there’s peace in my heart when I decided to commit to him. Now I am a witness that when God gives, He gives abundantly. Charles will forever be a reminder of that.

13. Organized an event

With the help from my closest friends, I was able to organize my last JS prom. It’s a nice feeling to see everyone enjoy with something that you put an effort to make possible

14. Took care of myself


I felt happy and confident when I tried to lose weight, did my makeup, picked my clothes and all those other things because people noticed it. Not because I was trying to gain the approval of others but it made me happy that I looked pleasant and I gained confidence in interacting with others.

15. Had a pet


Having a pet is a big responsibility. Having my dog Rusty around is a joy and a commitment at the same time. When he is excited to see me come home, it makes me so happy. I love Rusty!

16. Helped renovate the house

My mom always told me of the “broken window syndrome” where the mood and mindset of people change based on their environment. I realized it’s true when we renovated our home. When I come home, I am pleased because the house looks beautiful and tidy.

17. Saved money

My mom taught me to save money. It isn’t about depriving yourself but being wise in making purchases and forgoing unnecessary expenses. I am happy to have saved some of my money for emergency and future investments.

18. Shared my thoughts

I started having this blog with the goal of sharing my thoughts, and cultivating my desire for blogging. It was very fulfilling because it was a way for me to express myself and for others to know me too.

19. Learned to drive


Learning to drive was a bold step for me considering the traffic situation in Metro Manila. As I was learning, my primary goal is to bring my family comfort and bring them to places they have never been before.

20. Applied to be a voter

I really didn’t care about politics that much when I was younger. Growing mature over the years, I realized that it’s a vital right for me to vote as this is my ticket to help my country choose a deserving leader. Seeing the pains of the ordinary Filipino motivates me to do my part and help this nation by exercising my right to vote.

21. Learned to forgive

I had regrets in my life that built unforgiveness in my heart towards people that have wronged me. However, the bitterness crept in my heart like poison. Forgiveness for me is a daily surrender and a process that only God’s grace can enable me.

22. Did something I was scared of – share gospel

Being an introvert who hates rejection, I am really scared to share the gospel. I did not know how to respond in the face of ridicule and rejection. But my desire to share what I know about God is my extend with how much I love the people around me so I took that bold step.

23. Tried to do a business

Though it wasn’t necessarily successful as I envisioned it to be, I learned a lot of things such as how to market, to manage my time and other resources to run a business. It also made me happy that I was able to have extra income to help in my expenses.

24. Attended seminars for my professional growth


I was not fond of attending seminars since I don’t earn income from doing so and it ruins my routine momentum. But over time I realized that it is an important part of my professional growth to help my students better. So all in all it is still a gain for me and my clients.

25. Had a personal encounter and relationship with Jesus


This is the best thing that happened to me. When I got to know Jesus, I experienced peace and joy that gave me the confidence to keep going with my life no matter how difficult it seems. Knowing Jesus and having a personal encounter with Him enabled me to be secure in this life and what else is to come.

My quarter life isn’t much of a crisis to me right now because I am blessed. Maybe not always with material things but with love from people, experiences that enriched me and my relationship with God. I look forward to many more experiences in my years to come.

The Broken Windows of Our Nation: My Insight on Philippine Elections

Everybody has been on the edge of their seats for the upcoming Philippine elections. In almost every person’s page, I can see paragraphs-long statuses and insight on articles regarding their preferred presidential candidates, or something against the candidate that they dislike. This post won’t be anything about that, but just my insight about the Philippine Elections that might help you shed some light on who to support, if you are still unsure.


Rotten System

Today I went to LTO Las Pinas to renew my license. Since my car was at the autoshop, I had no choice but to ride the jeep and tricycle on the way to Las Pinas. Upon getting there, I was told that I had to go to another LTO branch as their computers for license renewal were “offline”. It’s such an irony to see fixers outside the building with the guards just about a meter near them. It seemed that they were in a conspiracy to make people agree to pay a fixer so that they can get more money. To my dismay, I rode a jeep back to LTO Alabang and the intense late morning heat added to my uptight mood.

Time to Reflect

Little did I know that God somehow gave me this opportunity to reflect on my community, my city, and the Philippines in a small-scale level. I saw old Tatay still working to make ends meet, driving a beat-down jeep against the morning heat. He looked like someone who should be staying at home, resting and enjoying his retirement benefits. His poverty seemed to be a result of the lack of sympathy from the government to offer him anything despite his age.

I looked outside the jeep window and I saw several cars cutting past each other and endlessly honking. The jeeps stop at the middle of the road without a care to other motorists as they are trying to get passengers to make a living. I stared at the walls of buildings and they were filled with vandalism of gangs, roads that were picked, run-down walls and areas that smelled of urine and trash. In summary, I saw a lack of order, discipline and sympathy towards each other. People acted the way that they view their environment–dirty, smelly, disorderly and chaotic. Eventually, people imitated each other’s behavior and compromised just because it felt like it was the norm. Fixers offering their services for an illegal service in front of a “Beware of Fixers” sign. The motorists cut each other, people were shouting under the noontime sun. It’s what brought that small piece of place that I saw into a regressive state.

Broken Windows

The upcoming Philippine Elections and out nation’s status reminded me of what my mom told me years ago about the Broken Windows Theory. She told me that there’s a theory in criminology about an experiment where a piece of building facade was left broken and rugged. People eventually added to the mess that it was, and incidence of crime and disorder in that place increased. However, when an opposite facade was placed, an orderly place that was beautified and looked secure, it changed how people acted in the place. They had a sense of responsibility and did not place any vandals on that facade. I had a ‘lightbulb’ moment with how I can relate it the upcoming elections, our government and nation as a whole.


Who Should Be Our Leader?

If I were to pick a leader, I would pick someone who can help restore that sense of order and dignity in the hearts of every Filipino. The reason why government officials are corrupt is because it has been what it was and it still is–the broken window of our system. Everyone is doing it so might as well just do it. In the small scale level, it’s also the reason why we throw trash on the road, why we cheat on our market scales, why our teenagers are out of school and vandal on the walls of our cities, why we do drugs and so senseless crimes that harm innocent people, why we are reckless on the road, why government services have an excuse to be lousy, why poor people have an excuse to commit crimes such as theft, murder, holdup, kidnap, carnap and all other kinds of “-naps”, why the greedy and rich businessmen and hacienderos squeeze what they can out of poor workers who are trying to make ends meet–it’s because everyone else like them is doing it.


If and Only If

If and only if, there’s a leader who can change the tide of how things are, someone who doesn’t owe anything to anyone, and someone who can uplift how Filipinos see themselves–to exemplify and bring them that sense of dignity, discipline, and compassion towards each other then they will be Filipinos who will be active participants in the nation’s growth. That’s how Japan is. That’s how Singapore blossomed into who they are right now. And we can have the chance to achieve that if we exercise our right to vote.

Leadership is a vital role in a country’s progress. Hand in hand it goes with each citizen’s sense of responsibility which is inspired by the leader and the culture and environment he or she creates. So this May 9 Philippine Elections, I challenge each voter to elect someone who can scrap the broken windows of our nation and replace it with strong, orderly and beautiful ones that will inspire the Filipinos to work together towards progress.

God bless our nation and the Philippine Elections. Lord, let Your will be done.