Lash Perm Mascara by Etude House: Review

Etude House Lash Perm Mascara

I was not naturally born with thick and long eyelashes. I really admire women who are born with it naturally. I found eyelash extensions too much of a maintenance so I just decided to still use mascaras. I have tried several mascaras, and one of those which stand out for me is Etude House’s Lash Perm Mascara.

What it looks like from the packaging:

lash perm mascara

I love Etude House because they come with such cute colors and attractive packaging! This lash perm mascara costs around 400 pesos. If you buy products amounting to a total of 1000 pesos, you’ll get a free mascara remover! Yipee. I also used my membership card for points that are redeemable (with discounts).

What it looks like (inside):

lash perm mascara

This is what looks like inside. The mascara spool is curved in such a way that it fits the groove of the eyes. This makes it much easier to apply with lesser stains on the upper and lower eyelashes.

What it looks like (when applied):

lash perm mascara

lash perm mascara

lash perm mascara

It’s just really subtle and natural looking, only my lashes got defined and had more volume. It’s also waterproof and and doesn’t smudge unless done in a forceful way.

One thing though, it can be quite a challenge to remove at night, so make sure you thoroughly and gently remove it with an oil based make-up remover or in my case the mascara remover that came with it! Do not rub your eyes when this mascara is still applied as it will be itchy and might irritate your eyes.

All in all I really like this mascara because it lasts me long, and I don’t have to reapply much since it really holds my eyelashes in place for the whole day.

I bought Etude House Lash Perm Volume Mascara in Etude House Festival Mall Alabang, 2nd F.

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