Carpe Diem BF Homes: Bang For the Buck Food and Drinks!

So I was out to have a car wash one Saturday evening and I was with Sam, and saw that one of the cafes that ring a bell on our ears (Care Diem) was just around the vicinity. We decided to give it a try! A lot of people we know are raving about this cafe so why not?

but first, a selfie! hahaha 🙂

The staff was very accommodating when we went in. She was presenting the things available in their menu as well as their best sellers. When I looked around as I was deciding on what to order, some people seemed to be quite comfy in the area, sitting around the edge couches and doing school work or just hanging out with friends. I wanted something fairly light that can be shared with Sam so after much deliberation we decided to have these (prices range from 150-300 pesos):


Fish and chips – much larger than how it looks like in the picture! The fish was crisp and freshly breaded, fries just right, and the sauce was delectable! There’s also a veggie side in case you feel queasy from too much fried-ness. This one is really good.


Seafood pasta – I honestly forgot the name! But it was good as it was garlicky, cheesy and had my favorite of all-seafood! I just love seafood on pasta or pizza or even just by themselves. It tasted fresh and the spaghetti was al dente and on point.


Chocolate lava cake – the plating of this one is super creative, cute and totally unexpected. It was themed like a mini-garden with small shovels as spoons. It was totally instagram-worthy. And also, the taste did not disappoint! The lava cake was perfectly warm, moist and chocolate-y, and the ice cream’s coolness was there to balance it out. I would honestly have this dessert again for second round if it weren’t for the calories. Haha!

I love everything we had in Carpe Diem and we will definitely be back! Thank you for the amazing gastronomic experience. We totally “siezed the day” 🙂

Carpe Diem

153 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque

Altrove Trattoria BF Homes: Authentic Brick Oven Pizza

Altrove Trattoria BF Homes Las Pinas

I remembered having seen Altrove Trattoria Pizza when we went to El Nido, Palawan last 2013. It was one of the popular restaurants over there and I was happy to see that this branch is very, very accessible to me! It was also nice to think that their ambiance is a bit similar to the one in El Nido. It was dim, chill, and relaxed. Here is a review about the restaurant.



Altrove Trattoria had that earthy, natural vibe with dim yellow lights and chill ambiance. Upon entering, you’re required to remove your shoes. It’s a barefoot restaurant. When we went there, there was a pianist playing some blues and other old pop song covers. There was a garden just in front of the restaurant, and it has a homey feel to it. The restaurant is very open with no airconditioning which is perfect for cool summer nights.


However, there were some guests commenting about the place being airconditioned in the future, which may be good for times that the restaurant needs to be opened at noon-time. Philippines is a tropical country so there might be instances where an open restaurant might be too hot. Overall it has a beautiful ambiance at night.




They serve the classic pizza flavors and I was excited to try out what kind of pizza it would taste like. We ordered mushroom pizza and margherita. We also got a shrimp salad with parmesan and seafood pasta. I love their pizza margherita! I wish though that they used a different mushroom for their mushroom pizza. The dough was chewy and very authentic, which I first notice when it comes to pizza. The cheese on the pizza was just right. Their seafood pasta was tomato-based and I always loved tomato-based pasta when it is leaning a bit on the sour and tangy side. The shrimp salad was good too.



Price ranges were fair, as we were satisfied with the sizes of our dishes and their corresponding value. I consider Altrove Trattoria as one of those medium to high-end type of Italian restaurants with competitive prices for the quality of the pizza they have.




The service was prompt and there were enough waiters and chefs to prepare our dishes at the right time. It would be better for us to have received all our dishes at the same time too, though. I especially loved the part where the restaurant had a pianist which added to the relaxing vibe of the restaurant.



It’s a good place to take your family for a sumptuous Italian dinner! I recommend visiting this place on a weeknight or a later weekend night to avoid too much crowds and to have a good parking space.

Altrove Trattoria is located along BF Homes Tropical Avenue.

  • 858 Tropical Ave BF International
  • Las Piñas, Philippines
  • (02) 776 4388
 Visit their Facebook page.

Test Kitchen Caffe: New Twist on Meals, Desserts

Test Kitchen Caffe: Desserts and Meals with a New Twist

Test Kitchen Caffe in BF Homes: I love trying out new things in BF Homes, but this time, it isn’t somewhere in Aguirre but in a more quaint and less crowded area which is Tropical Avenue. I have been hearing good feedback from netizens over this restaurant I visited a few months back.


test kitchen caffe


Test Kitchen Caffe is has a modern ambiance with some rustic details and is easy to the eyes. When I went there, it’s also well-ventilated and clean. I however noticed that there was not much people over here during prime time which is dinner time. It’s in a less crowded area which is a plus point for parking and service accommodation for us.


Most food prices range from 100-300 pesos which is fairly affordable for a chef-owned cafe. Usually cafes owned by chefs are pricey and might reach 300-500 pesos. Here is what I ordered with my friend:

test kitchen caffe

  1. Liempochon

What is Liempochon? It’s a slab of pork belly or liempo cooked with a crisp skin but it isn’t as oily and greasy compared to other lechon! Hence the term liempochon. It’s stuffed with lemongrass, ginger and all other spices. It also came with a minced tomato salad on the side. It’s very appetizing and the freshness of the spices complemented the tastiness of the liempochon. For me, it’s a really good combination! It would also be better to add more flavor within the meat, because I really like the salty and tasty flavor of Cebu lechon.

test kitchen caffe

2. Chili Shrimp Gambas Pasta

The name got me curious because the Gambas is usually a food served as an appetizer. The gambas recipe I like are those with lots of garlic and chili flakes instead of the tomato sauce. I am happy that when the gambas was served, it was the kind I liked! And the special twist is that it’s with a pasta. I loved it! It’s one of the best pasta variations I was able to taste. It’s flavorful, garlicky, spicy and has lots of shrimps!


Some items we liked were not in the menu, but the staff was quick to suggest other good options too. I can see the cakes inside a fridge and some cookies too, but since there are limited choices when we arrived, we just preferred to have desserts on a different place. I didn’t use to be a coffee lover when I visited so it was a pity that I was not able to order their signature drip coffee. The staff were attentive to us, they also gave us soy sauce dip when we requested for it.


This is for foodies who want to try new specialty dishes made by chefs. The two dishes we ordered were a product of their ingenuity and passion for food! If you’re heading south, this restaurant is a good break from all your usual go-tos.

Test Kitchen Caffe

Block 6 Lot 7 Tropical Avenue,

BF International, Las Piñas City