I Came for the Chocolates Long Sleeve T-Shirt


I Came for the Chocolates Long Sleeve T-shirt

This is a picture of a chocolatey text which says “I came for the chocolates”. If you’re anti valentines day or if you’re just a plain chocolate lover then this design is for you.

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Carpe Diem BF Homes: Bang For the Buck Food and Drinks!

So I was out to have a car wash one Saturday evening and I was with Sam, and saw that one of the cafes that ring a bell on our ears (Care Diem) was just around the vicinity. We decided to give it a try! A lot of people we know are raving about this cafe so why not?

but first, a selfie! hahaha πŸ™‚

The staff was very accommodating when we went in. She was presenting the things available in their menu as well as their best sellers. When I looked around as I was deciding on what to order, some people seemed to be quite comfy in the area, sitting around the edge couches and doing school work or just hanging out with friends. I wanted something fairly light that can be shared with Sam so after much deliberation we decided to have these (prices range from 150-300 pesos):


Fish and chips – much larger than how it looks like in the picture! The fish was crisp and freshly breaded, fries just right, and the sauce was delectable! There’s also a veggie side in case you feel queasy from too much fried-ness. This one is really good.


Seafood pasta – I honestly forgot the name! But it was good as it was garlicky, cheesy and had my favorite of all-seafood! I just love seafood on pasta or pizza or even just by themselves. It tasted fresh and the spaghetti was al dente and on point.


Chocolate lava cake – the plating of this one is super creative, cute and totally unexpected. It was themed like a mini-garden with small shovels as spoons. It was totally instagram-worthy. And also, the taste did not disappoint! The lava cake was perfectly warm, moist and chocolate-y, and the ice cream’s coolness was there to balance it out. I would honestly have this dessert again for second round if it weren’t for the calories. Haha!

I love everything we had in Carpe Diem and we will definitely be back! Thank you for the amazing gastronomic experience. We totally “siezed the day” πŸ™‚

Carpe Diem

153 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque